Char Reed (spottedsnowcat) wrote in damn_typos,
Char Reed

Sorry Mizzy, I had to...

Me>> plus my postal guy is slooooow, i met him today
Mizzy>> XD
Mizzy>> How'd that go over?
Me>> poor old man ^^; he's at least 60 and in poor shape
Me>> he was nice
Mizzy>> Poor dude.
Me>> just like an old guy should be
Mizzy>> XD
Mizzy>> Damn right. Old men should be happy.
Me>> and nice
Me>> not all mean and crotchity
Mizzy>> Definately nice.
Mizzy>> And with some sort of facial hair.
Me>> yeah ^^
Mizzy>> Like a beard, or moustache.
Me>> all dick van dike-lick
Me>> like*
Me>> ewwww
Mizzy>> XD *falls over*
Me>> LOL i made a funny
Mizzy>> You made a good funny.
Me>> wow, that one was actually pretty impressive
Me>> LJ'ed!
Mizzy>> XD Awesome!
that one was a couple of weeks ago. it's probably the worst one to date. this is an awesome community. now i don't have to litter my lj with senseless awesome typos. i can just upload them here ^^
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