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OMG two posts today... is that a bad thing?

Steinmaschine: . how can you like snakies but not buggies? ;_____; both are loooove
Steinmaschine: ok well now it's my goal in life to convert you.
k454i: You'll have quite a job for you
Steinmaschine: :|
k454i: if I so much as see a housefly i run out of a room screaming
Steinmaschine: . roflmfao
k454i: and bees oh gawd
Steinmaschine: BEEEEEES
k454i: AHHH WHERe>?1'
k454i: akjsdhkajshdjkafhjksahf
Steinmaschine: . rofmsddjh
k454i: man
k454i: i was little
k454i: and i wlaked INTO AHORNETS NEST
k454i: and they kuilled me
Steinmaschine: you're such a gay guy. ::runs and hopes she doesn't get beat up:: -well wtf
Steinmaschine: you zomb
k454i: and so i sat in the house ripping moms aloe vera up and rubbing it all over and crying
k454i: I AM ONG.
k454i: suck a fag. T_T
k454i: ...
Steinmaschine: lmfaosmlk
Steinmaschine: sbdkjhbsf
k454i: T_R
k454i: Ad,l
Steinmaschine: nsdkjfbjhsdf
Steinmaschine: that was so cute
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