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damn_typos's Journal

For those stupid times when letters are forgotten.
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This community is for every time you never read what someone sent you, what you sent or when you just plain misinterpretted it. For everytime your mind was distracted and you typed the wrong thing.

Just a few rules:
1. Anything that could be offensive/rude/insulting is to be put under a LJ-cut. (This includes anything that is particularly sexual and racial. The moderator is of mixed blood, but doesn't mind racism so long as it's in a joking manner, such as "Wussup, nigga?")

2. Any very long posts, more than say five or six paragraphs, please either put completely or partially under a LJ-cut. Just so we don't take up too much of friends' lists.

3. No flaming.

4. Please keep posts on topic, too. =3

That's all for now. If anyone can think of anything else, do tell me.

-Community modded by mizunoyume-